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Félix MULA

Born in 1979 at Maputo (Mozambique)

Félix Mula started to work with images at a very early age, notably with photography, thanks to his father, who was a studio photographer in Mozambique. He then went to study art in Maputo and at the Higher School of Art in Reunion, from where he graduated in 2011. Using a variety of techniques  (installation, photography, video and real actions) his work is less concerned with forms than with personal experience.  The artist in no way dissociates his life from his artistic practice, which leads him to consider his work as a philosophy of life, thereby excluding all attempts at categorising which  attempt to define notions of art and non-art.

Double opposite 1


Life is an eternal quest to satisfy our desires.  We are constantly seeking happiness, wealth and comfort, represented by objects we wish to possess and that we cannot always obtain : a car, a house, money etc. In Double opposite 1, the full-scale reconstruction of a bedroom, with its area criss-crossed by metal rods, Félix Mula uses the bed as a symbol of the comfort that man seeks in vain to achieve, thanks to his spending power. The installation combines the domestic object and optical illusion.

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