Les artistes


Bing YAN

Born in 1980 at Tianshui (China)

Bing Yan lives in Bejing, where he studied painting  at the Central Academy of Art.  The techniques he uses include oil-painting, sculpture and installation.  He often uses day-to-day objects and ordinary materials such as earth, fur, wood, furniture or materials derived from agricultural crops. The artist spent his childhood on a farm in the Gansu province and in a certain sense his art is deeply rooted in agricultural society.  Since 2008, Bing Yan has regularly exhibited in China (at the White Box Museum of Art in 2012, at the Yang Gallery in 2011 and at the Taikang Space en 2010).

Sweet and Sour


Sweet and Sour is a series of paintings representing tropical fruits and local vegetables.  To produce his paintings entitled ‘Sweet and Sour’, Bing Yan contacted local producers in order to learn about typical products in Reunion.  His experience in Reunion was closely connected to his discovery of the agricultural crops grown in the island.

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